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5/5 Thank you sa lahat ng pumunta despite the typhoon and all shiiiiz ☁ This is by far one of my happiest birthday celebrations. 
Foodtrip + strobe lights + horror stories + cards + shit game + remove game 😩 + kayaking + lake jumping + kwentuhan sessions + water balloon fighting + many more

Til the next one πŸ‘‹βœŒ #thelaKeparty2014  #21 (at Ecosaddle, Caliraya)

Water balloon fight with @jettuhhrroww @ohmyjoooosh @babsperez @iamchefiebea hahaha medyo masakit ha #21 #thelaKeparty2014 #waterballoon

3/3 Jumping randomly from a floating cottage hahaha #jump #21 #thelaKeparty2014  (at Ecosaddle, Caliraya)
2/5 Got to try the fish spa for free hehe (pero kahit magbayad kami feeling ko walang tatagal samin ng 15 mins na nakalubog ang paa) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #fishspa #thelaKeparty2014  #Ecosaddle  #21 (at Ecosaddle, Caliraya)
1/5 Despite the gloomy and cold weather (two to three layers of clothing are needed) on a Friday afternoon, we are blessed with a sunny Saturday! Nakapag kayak pa. Hahahaha yay #bday #kayak #Caliraya #lake #thelaKeparty2014  (at Ecosaddle, Caliraya)
21. #thelaKeparty2014  (at Ecosaddle, Caliraya)
Superkid (hindi, nagwwork out lang hahaha) πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ™† #tbt Hi tata!
If you’re an Instagram (@cheeseobcena) follower, you know that I’m organizing a little lake party for my birthday two days from now. Ahhhh.. just saying two days frustrates me. Last minute backouts and whatnots. 😒

This photo of the lake somehow assures me that this weekend could still be epic, if not, a memorable one, despite all the troubles. 

Keep calm.

Three days to go 🎢✨🌴 #thelaKeparty2014
Good morning Caliraya! #Caliraya #lake #view #CRC