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Comfort zone

Nancy Graves, Untitled (XII/17/92) from the Pilchuck Series, 1992. Print. 
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Look, even Kim knows.
Tofu, chopsuey and chicken. #food #Filipinofood #ph
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Everytime someone would ask me about where I met these people, I would smile and tell, “Elementary school.” I know I know, people often find it weird- that my closest friends are from that time instead of High school. I guess we just developed this special bond that no one can ever replace.

We have this love for spontaneity everytime we met up. We almost always don’t know where we’ll go or what to do that we end up sleeping over one’s house (Good thing that our parents are friends haha). Last weekend, we ended up eating in Irish Lloyds and spending the night at Rianna’s house- playing Go Fish, eating and sharing stories til 4 in the morning. Woke up at 6 in the morning, went to the nearest convenient store and bought ice cream for breakfast.

Being with them reminds me that being young doesn’t hinder friendships to be real.

Oh oh teeds. #ootd #midi #floral #primadonna #hollister
Dre night! Salamat sa treat @iamlanzerald and Cedy (Happy birthday!!) ♥ #friends #dinein #nightout (at Irish Lloyd’s Bistro)